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"I Love Lucy"
Episode Guide
© 1998-2003 by Gregg Oppenheimer
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I Love Lucy Episode Guide:
The Second Season (1952-53)
#39 "Job Switching"Starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
Vivian Vance and William Frawley
Produced by:
 Jess Oppenheimer
Written by: Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh, and Bob Carroll, Jr.
Directed by: Marc Daniels (Nos. 36-38)
Directed by: William Asher (Nos. 39-67)
Executive Producer: Desi Arnaz
I Love Lucy Movie Clip ("Job Switching")

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9/15/52: "Job Switching" [top photo][movie clip]
(also known as the "Candy Factory" episode)
I Love Lucy Episode 39 - Filmed 5/30/52
Story: Ricky and Fred think doing housework is much easier than earning money. Lucy and Ethel feel the opposite. So the boys try doing the housework while the girls attempt to hold down a job at a candy factory.
Guests: Elvia Allman (Forewoman), Alvin Hurwitz (Mr. Snodgrass), Amanda Milligan (Chocolate dipper)
 Based on My Favorite Husband 78-79 ("Women's Rights")

9/22/52: "The Saxophone"
I Love Lucy Episode 40 - Filmed 6/6/52
Story: Lucy plots to join Ricky's band for a series of one-night engagements.
Guests: Charles Victor (Main in Closet), Herb Vigran (Julie)

9/29/52: "The Anniversary Present"
I Love Lucy Episode 36 - Filmed 5/9/52
Story: Ricky asks a neighbor, Grace Foster, to help him surprise Lucy with an anniversary present, but Lucy gets the wrong idea.
Guests: Gloria Blondell (Grace Foster), Herb Vigran (Julie)

10/6/52: "The Handcuffs"
I Love Lucy Episode 37 - Filmed 5/16/52
Story: One of Lucy's practical jokes backfires when she and Ricky are caught in a pair of antique handcuffs.
Guests: Veola Vonn (Emcee), Will Wright (Mr. Walters)
 Based on My Favorite Husband #69 ("Liz & George Handcuffed")

10/13/52: "The Operetta"
I Love Lucy Episode 38 - Filmed 5/23/52
Story: Lucy and Ethel decide to write an operetta, and Lucy pays for the costumes and scenery with a post-dated check.
Guests: Myra Marsh (Club President)

10/27/52: "Vacation from Marriage"
I Love Lucy Episode 41 - Filmed 8/1/52
Story: Bored with married life, Lucy and Ethel decide that a few days away from their husbands would be a welcome change.
 Based on My Favorite Husband #105 ("Vacation from Marriage")

11/10/52: "The Courtroom"
I Love Lucy Episode 42 - Filmed 8/8/52
Story: The Ricardos buy the Mertzes a new TV set for their wedding anniversary.
Guests: Harry Bartell (Process Server), Moroni Olsen (Judge), Robert B. Williams (Bailiff)
 Based on My Favorite Husband #49 ("Television")

11/24/52: "Redecorating"
I Love Lucy Episode 43 - Filmed 8/15/52
Story: Ricky decides to fool Lucy into thinking she's won a new home furnishings contest. But the joke backfires when Lucy sells all their furniture.
Guests: Hans Cornried (Dan Jenkins), Florence Halop (Woman on Party Line), Margie Liszt (Woman on Party Line
 Based on My Favorite Husband #36 ("Give-Away Program")

12/1/52: "Ricky Loses His Voice"
I Love Lucy Episode 44 - Filmed 8/22/52
Story: Ricky catches a cold and loses his voice during rehearsals for a new show, prompting Lucy to secretly stage the show herself.
Guests: Gertrude Astor (Flapper), Arthur Q. Bryan (Mr. Chambers), Barbara Pepper (Flapper), Hazel Pierce (Flapper), Helen Dixon (Flapper)

12/8/52: "Lucy is Enceinte"
I Love Lucy Episode 50 - Filmed 10/3/52
Story: Lucy waits for the "right" moment to tell Ricky the news that she's going to have a baby.
Guests: William Hamel (Maitre D'), Richard J. Reeves (Electrician)

12/15/52: "Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable"
I Love Lucy Episode 51 - Filmed 10/10/52
Story: With the baby coming, Ricky decides that Lucy should stay in bed while he does the chores.
Guests: Bennett Green (Delivery Man)

12/22/52: "Lucy's Show Biz Swan Song"
I Love Lucy Episode 52 - Filmed 10/17/52
Story: Even with motherhood fast approaching, Lucy still wants to be in Ricky's "Gay 90's Revue."
Guests: Pepito the Clown (Clown), Jerry Hausner (Jerry, the Agent)

12/29/52: "Lucy Hires an English Tutor"
I Love Lucy Episode 53 - Filmed 10/24/52
Story: Lucy wants her baby to be raised in the "proper vocal environment," so she hires a tutor to teach Ricky proper English diction.
Guests: Hans Conried (Percy Livermore)

1/5/53: "Ricky Has Labor Pains"
I Love Lucy Episode 54 - Filmed 10/31/52
Story: With all the attention that mother-to-be Lucy has been getting, father-to-be Ricky feels neglected.
Guests: Jerry Hausner (Jerry, the Agent), Louis D. Merrill (Dr. Rabwin), Hazel Pierce (Clubwoman)

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