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"My Favorite Husband"Lucille Ball & Richard Denning
© 1999-2001 by Gregg Oppenheimer 

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Lucille Ball with Richard Denning

Richard Denning (as George Cooper)
with Lucille Ball (starring as Liz Cooper)
in My Favorite Husband

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My Favorite Husband
Episode Guide
(Nos. 14-25)
Starring Lucille Ball with Richard Denning
Produced & Directed by Jess Oppenheimer
Written by Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh & Bob Carroll, Jr.
Featuring Ruth Perrott as Katy the Maid
Original Music by Marlin Skiles
Conducted by
Wilbur Hatch
Announcer Bob LeMond
Broadcast over
CBS Radio(7/5/48-3/31/51)
(unsponsored) (1948)
Sponsored by
JELL-O (General Foods) (1949-1951)

10/16/48: "Liz Sells Dresses"
My Favorite Husband Episode 14
Story: Liz inadvertently returns a dress to a more expensive store than where she bought it, and makes money on the deal. So she decides to go into business buying dresses at one store and returning them at the other.
Guests: John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright), Hans Conried, Bea Benaderet, Frank Nelson, and Sandra Gould

10/23/48:"Quiz Show"
My Favorite Husband Episode 15
Story: Liz and George need a new dishwasher, and Cory gets them a chance to win one on the radio quiz show, "His and Hers."
Guests: John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright), Hans Conried, Herb Vigran, and Frank Nelson.
 Basis for I Love Lucy #32 ("Lucy Gets Ricky On the Radio")

10/30/48:"The Election"
My Favorite Husband Episode 16
Script by Jess Oppenheimer, Martin Weiner, and Phil Cole
Story: Liz and George run against each other in the Sheridan Falls City Council elections.
Guests: Elvia Allman, Hans Conried, Frank Nelson, and Jean VanderPyl

11/6/48:"Katy and Roscoe"
My Favorite Husband Episode 17
Story: Katy's been writing letters to her old boyfriend Roscoe, telling him how wealthy she is. Now Roscoe is coming to visit, so Liz pretends that Katy is the lady of the house and that Liz is her maid.
Guests: Hans Conried, Bea Benaderet, Florence Halop, and Herb Vigran

11/13/48:"Learning to Drive"
My Favorite Husband Episode 18
Story: George teaches Liz to drive, and then Liz goes to get her driving license. Liz immediately gets in an accident, but through a communications mixup, George thinks Liz has intentionally run over George's high school girlfriend, Myra Ponsenby.
Guests: John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright), Bea Benaderet, Frank Nelson, and Herb Vigran

11/20/48:"George Attends a Teen-age Dance"
My Favorite Husband Episode 19
Story: Liz gives advice to her adolescent neighbor, Sally Hopkins, on how to snare the boy she likes, but her meddling only makes things worse.
Guests: Barbara Eiler, Gil Stratton, and Erwin Lee
 Basis for I Love Lucy #20 ("Young Fans")

11/27/48:"Is There a Baby in the House?"
My Favorite Husband Episode 20
Story: Liz goes over to meet the new neighbor and winds up minding a four-month old baby overnight.
Guest: John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright) and guests Hans Conried, Frank Nelson, Mary Lansing, and Jean VanderPyl.

12/4/48:"Be Your Husband's Best Friend"
My Favorite Husband Episode 21
Story: Liz buys a book that says that the way to get along with your husband is to share all of his interests.
Guest: Hans Conried, Joe Kearns, and Jean VanderPyl.
 Basis for My Favorite Husband #93 ("Be a Pal")

12/11/48:"Respective Moustaches"
My Favorite Husband Episode 22
Story: Liz puts on a fake mustache to show George how ridiculous his real one looks, but by mistake she uses cement instead of spirit gum, and it won't come off.
Guests: Frank Nelson, Florence Halop, Joe Kearns, Frankie Albertson, Tommy Bernard, Ed Max, and Bea Benaderet.
 Basis for I Love Lucy #23 ("The Moustache")

12/18/48:"Liz's New Dress"
My Favorite Husband Episode 23
Story: Liz is determined to have a new dress to wear to he Atterburys' party, even if she has to make it herself!
Guests: Frank Nelson (as Sylvester), Joe Kearns (as Mr. Atterbury!), and Frances Chaney (as Marge).

My Favorite Husband Episode 24
Story: Mr. Curry, George and Liz's landlord, is raising the rent, supposedly on instructions from his late wife, Bernice. Liz figures that she can fix things with a crooked Ouija Board.
Guests: John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright) and guests Frank Nelson (as Mr. Lawrence) and Jay Novello (as Mr. Curry).
 Basis for I Love Lucy #7 ("The Seance")

12/26/48:"Young Matron's League Tryouts"
My Favorite Husband Episode 25
Script by Jess Oppenheimer
Liz secretly tries out for a role in the Young Matron's League play in an attempt to impress visiting Hollywood director Anatole Brodney. This is a rewrite of Episode #11 (10/2/48) -- the first episode Jess Oppenheimer ever wrote for Lucy.

Guests: John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright), Hans Conried (as Professor Schweinkamph), Jean VanderPyl, and Elvia Allman.

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Episode Nos. 1-13 | 14-25 | 26-34 | 35-43
44-52 | 53-61 | 62-70 | 71-79 | 80-88

89-97 | 98-107 | 108-116 | 117-125

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