Mail-In Ticket Order Form (PDF)

Here is the latest news about the 2009 SPERDVAC Old-Time Radio Convention,
Friday, May 1, 2009 through Sunday, May 3, 2009 at Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn, 4222 Vineland Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91602

Parking: SPERDVAC will validate hotel parking for only $5 per car per event. Overnight parking for hotel guests is $13 per car per day. Bring your ticket to the SPERDVAC registration table to be validated and pay for parking.

Volunteers Needed: We need volunteers to help relieve some of our hard workers at the registration table on both Friday and Saturday during the day. Please contact Bobb Lynes at iairotr@hotmail.com (phone: 323-256-5879) if you can help for part of either day.

Our Stars: We are still booking more personalities and special features for the convention.
Here are the panel guests and re-creation actors so far:

Dick Beals
Gregg Berger
Bob Birchard
Frank Bresee
Ray Briem
Eddie Carroll
Ron Cocking
Tommy Cook
Ivan Cury
Dena Dietrich
Robert Easton
Herb Ellis
Ira Fistell
June Foray
Barbara Fuller
Ron Gans
Harold Gould
Martin Grams
Gogi Grant
John Harlan
Jim Harmon
Bob Hastings
Darryl Hickman
Gladys Holland
Eddy King
Marilyn King
Karen Sharpe Kramer
Leonard Maltin
Kenneth Mars
Peter Marshall
Chuck McCann
Gloria McMillan
Jan Merlin
Bob Mills
Bob Mitchell
Shirley Mitchell
Heather Woodruff Perry
Sy Prescott
Gene Reynolds
Susan Silo
Stuffy Singer
Doris Singleton
Chuck Southcott
Kay Starr
Eleanor Vallee
Janet Waldo

Read Gregg Oppenheimer's Blog for descriptions of some of the shows we'll be presenting at this year's convention.

Friday, May 1:
12:00 noon Authors Panel, with Martin Grams, Bob Mills and Jim Harmon
01:20 p.m. “The Green Hornet” Panel, presented by Martin Grams
02:30 p.m. Re-creation of The Bickersons, starring Stuffy Singer and Gloria McMillan
03:15 p.m. “Rudy Vallee” Panel, presented by Eleanor Vallee
04:35 p.m. I Love a Mystery, starring Bob Hastings, Robert Easton, Heather Woodruff Perry, Susan Silo, Gloria McMillan, Ron Cocking, Warren Jones, and David Dubov, with live musical accompaniment by famed organist Bob Mitchell - directed by Tim Knofler
05:15 p.m. Happy Hour
06:30 p.m. Dinner Banquet
after dinner The Great Gildersleeve, starring Shirley Mitchell, Chuck McCann, Gloria McMillan, Eddie Carroll, Janet Waldo, Stuffy Singer, June Foray, Dick Beals, John Harlan, and Ron Cocking, with live musical accompaniment by famed organist Bob Mitchell - directed by Gregg Oppenheimer
Burns and Allen with Jack Benny, starring Eddie Carroll, Janet Waldo, Gregg Berger, Chuck McCann, and John Harlan - directed by Gregg Oppenheimer
Saturday, May 2:
09:30 a.m. “Lux Radio Theatre” Panel, hosted by Frank Bresee, with Dick Beals, Barbara Fuller, Gladys Holland,Gloria McMillan, Stuffy Singer and Bob Birchard
10:50 a.m. Radio Bloopers and Outtakes, presented by Gregg Oppenheimer
12:00 noon “I Love a Mystery” Panel, hosted by Bob Mills, with Tim Knofler, Martin Grams, Rick Ferguson, Bob Easton, and Bob Hastings
01:00 p.m. “Talk Radio” Panel, hosted by Bob Mills, with Ira Fistell and Ray Briem
02:30 p.m. “Singers” Panel, hosted by Chuck Southcott and Ray Briem, with Gogi Grant, Al Martino, Peter Marshall, and Marilyn King
04:00 p.m. Re-creation: Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders, starring Ivan Cury, Tommy Cook, Jan Merlin, Dick Beals, Gloria McMillan, Jim Harmon, Bobb Lynes, Barbara Watkins and Ron Cocking - directed by Barbara Harmon.
04:40 p.m. Re-creation: The Life of Riley, starring Tommy Cook, Gladys Holland, Sy Prescott, Jan Merlin, Bobb Lynes, Barbara Watkins, Walter Jesella and Stuart Lubin - directed by Barbara Watkins
05:15 p.m. Happy Hour
06:00 p.m. Dinner Banquet - emceed by Leonard Maltin
after dinner 60th Anniversary Re-creation: Dragnet, starring Herb Ellis, Kenneth Mars, Barbara Fuller, Ivan Cury, Gene Reynolds, Gladys Holland and John Harlan - directed by Herb Ellis
75th Anniversary Re-creation: The Lux Radio Theatre presents “Casablanca,” starring Darryl Hickman, Terry Moore, Stuffy Singer, Sy Prescott, Tommy Cook, Doris Singleton, Eddy King, Ron Gans, and Stuart Lubin - directed by Frank Bresee
Re-creation: The Baby Snooks Show, starring Marilyn King, Harold Gould, Tommy Cook, John Harlan, Gloria McMillan and Ron Cocking - directed by Gregg Oppenheimer
Sunday, May 3:
09:30 a.m. Sunday Brunch
10:30 a.m. “From Radio to Cartoons” Panel, with Dick Beals, June Foray, and Janet Waldo.

Mail-In Ticket Order Form (PDF)